mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Tuto # 3 Make an energetic blade (Grey Knight style)

Hi all
Here a tutorial by the damned artificer to make an energetic blade with an air brush

Here's the tutorial for the swords as promised.
Don't be discouraged, it's actually really easy

1.You need:
-an Airbrush.
-Black (I use vallejo black)
-White (I use valejo white)
-GW Hawk turquoise
-detail brush
-airbrush thinner (not shown on picture)

The semi advanced way:
2. The sword is basecoated with aerosol primer (Vallejo black primer in this case, but if you use white primer on your models this step is unnecessary ) as this is necessary to give the paint a good base to stick to and prevent it from peeling of when using the masking tap later on.

3. Now use the airbrush to lay the first layer of paint, which is the white. make sure that the blade of the sword is coated evenly with white. This may take a few layers.

4.Now mask half of the blade following the line in the middle of the blade. This is important to get the mirroring effect.

5. Now paint the botom and top part in Hawk turquoise with the airbrush, making sure to leave the middle section white. This is done by feathering the paint, meaning you start with a gentle layer of paint and build it up to a strong firm colour in each end leaving you with a nice fade effect.

6. Remove the tape, and then you are left with this.

7.Now mask the painted sides, leaving the white ones exposed. Instead of doing two Hawk turquoise you only paint one in the centre of the blade. This makes the colours mirrored on th two halves.

8.Now repeat the previous steps, but in black and make sure to leave some of the hawk turquoise showing. Thats actually it.

Now if you want to, you can use the detail brush and edge highlight the blade in white and ad the diagonal lines to the hawk turquoise areas as I did on the first model in this plog.

The simple way:
1. Mask the white basecoated blade as before.

2. Instead of painting both ends in hawk turquoise, just paint one end.

3. Now paint the opposite site, but from the other end

4. Finish by repeating with black and remember to leave the hawk turquoise showing.

Again you can choose to edge highlight the blade in white.

Apocalypticaly yours!

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