vendredi 25 novembre 2011

News # 12 Forge World Newsletter #288

Eldar Phantom Titan Power Glaive 45£

The Phantom Titan is the mightiest of all the war machines fielded by the ancient and advanced xenos Eldar. Towering above the battlefield, these cyclopean war machines are commanded by a single Steersman, yet this single crewman does not pilot his charge completely alone.
Assisted by the spirit stones of long-dead Steersmen, the living pilot is able to merge his consciousness with those of his predecessors, allowing the Phantom to react and manoeuvre with nearly the same preternatural swiftness as an Eldar infantryman.
For a Phantom to be deployed the threat must be dire indeed, and the weaponry of these mighty Titans varies depending on the nature of the foe they will face. When ranged against enemy super-heavy walkers a Steersman will commonly arm his Titan with a
Phantom Power Glaive, a long and shimmering sword similar in appearance to those wielded by Eldar Aspect Warriors, using the Phantom’s speed and agility to close with and destroy their opponents.

Irillyth, Phoenix Lord of the Shadow Spectres 14£

Once a disciple of Asurmen, first of the Eldar Phoenix Lords, Irillyth the Shade of Twilight founded the Shrine of the Shadow Spectres on the Craftworld of Mymeara. Drawn to the small Craftworld in response to a vision of doom and horror, Irillyth gifted the skills of stealth, swiftness and all-consuming firepower to the warriors of Mymeara. After many years, the Phoenix Lord led a great war host to the legend-shrouded world of Bethalmae to destroy a race that would, many thousands of years later, arise to threaten Craftworld Mymeara. Neither he nor any of his warhost ever returned to the Craftworld, and with the loss of their Phoenix Lord the Shadow Spectre aspect fell into decline.
Irillyth, Phoenix Lord of the Shadow Spectres is a lavishly detailed resin character designed by the talented Simon Egan. Portrayed in a suitably commanding pose and armed with his ancient weapon, the Spear of Starlight, full background for this resurrected Phoenix Lord will be featured in Imperial Armour Volume 11: The Doom of Mymeara. As an exclusive preview, experimental rules for Irillyth can be downloaded from the Forge World website.


apocalypticaly yours!

mercredi 16 novembre 2011

Tuto # 3 Make an energetic blade (Grey Knight style)

Hi all
Here a tutorial by the damned artificer to make an energetic blade with an air brush

Here's the tutorial for the swords as promised.
Don't be discouraged, it's actually really easy

1.You need:
-an Airbrush.
-Black (I use vallejo black)
-White (I use valejo white)
-GW Hawk turquoise
-detail brush
-airbrush thinner (not shown on picture)

The semi advanced way:
2. The sword is basecoated with aerosol primer (Vallejo black primer in this case, but if you use white primer on your models this step is unnecessary ) as this is necessary to give the paint a good base to stick to and prevent it from peeling of when using the masking tap later on.

3. Now use the airbrush to lay the first layer of paint, which is the white. make sure that the blade of the sword is coated evenly with white. This may take a few layers.

4.Now mask half of the blade following the line in the middle of the blade. This is important to get the mirroring effect.

5. Now paint the botom and top part in Hawk turquoise with the airbrush, making sure to leave the middle section white. This is done by feathering the paint, meaning you start with a gentle layer of paint and build it up to a strong firm colour in each end leaving you with a nice fade effect.

6. Remove the tape, and then you are left with this.

7.Now mask the painted sides, leaving the white ones exposed. Instead of doing two Hawk turquoise you only paint one in the centre of the blade. This makes the colours mirrored on th two halves.

8.Now repeat the previous steps, but in black and make sure to leave some of the hawk turquoise showing. Thats actually it.

Now if you want to, you can use the detail brush and edge highlight the blade in white and ad the diagonal lines to the hawk turquoise areas as I did on the first model in this plog.

The simple way:
1. Mask the white basecoated blade as before.

2. Instead of painting both ends in hawk turquoise, just paint one end.

3. Now paint the opposite site, but from the other end

4. Finish by repeating with black and remember to leave the hawk turquoise showing.

Again you can choose to edge highlight the blade in white.

Apocalypticaly yours!

lundi 7 novembre 2011

News # 11 Forge World Newsletter #287

MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino 33£

The ubiquitous Rhino Armoured Personnel Carrier is a mainstay of the Space Marine Chapters, and has been in continuous use for over ten thousand years. Its true origins are more distant still, and ancient records mention the RH1-N-0 Tracked Exploration and Multi-purpose Defence Vehicle accompanying explorator missions during Mankind’s Golden Age. Later, as the armies of the Imperium marched across the galaxy, the Rhino was re-armed and re-purposed for military use, and remains a mainstay of its might to this day.
There are many patterns and designs of this robust vehicle, and the MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino is amongst one of the oldest variants, first issued en-masse to the Space Marine Legions of the Great Crusade. This pattern is armed with two turret-mounted bolters, slaved to the target-logis systems of the Rhino’s machine spirit, rather than the pintle-mounted storm bolter seen on the later MkIIc design that was more readily adopted after the Horus Heresy.
The MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino, designed by Daren Parrwood, is a complete resin and plastic kit that contains a standard Games Workshop Rhino kit as well as sufficient resin conversion components to construct the MkIc Deimos Pattern variant. This detailed and evocative kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th November.

Minotaurs Land Raider and Rhino Door Sets 10.50£

A mysterious and darkly famed Chapter, the Minotaurs played a major part in the prosecution of the Badab War. Adding their full strength to the Loyalist cause, they were most lauded for their brutal and unrelenting near-destruction of the Secessionist Lamenters during the Battle of Optera.
Designed by Simon Egan, this set of detailed Minotaurs Land Raider Doors and Minotaurs Rhino Doors will be despatched in the week commencing 28th November. Both of these accessory kits are compatible with the full range of Space Marine vehicles available both from Forge World and Games Workshop, except for the MkIc Deimos Pattern Rhino which they are not compatible with.

This kit is probably in relation with the future IA vol12.

Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour 16£

Our final release to be announced this week is a set of Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour. This popular kit has been remodelled by Will Hayes, and now features different details and optional turret armour plates so that it can also be used on the plastic Predator kit.
Designed to fit the full range of Rhino-based plastic kits, the Rhino/Predator Reinforced Armour is perfect for both adding detail and variety to a Space Marine force and also for representing the Extra Armour upgrade option.
This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th November.

Apocalypticaly yours!


lundi 31 octobre 2011

Tuto # 2 Make a tank company - Baneblade

Baneblade " Le Redoutable"

Credit where credit's due, I am going to begin with Baneblade, " The Redoubtable " of its nickname. Why this name? And indeed because I wanted to keep French names and because I wanted to make reference to what exists in the French army. The Redoubtable, it is the name of first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines ( S.N.L.E). Built by France. A name quite indicated for my first super heavy tank.

Baneblade is originally the first super heavy of Forgeworld and it was de facto made mythical due to its exceptional size and due to its price, too just as much exceptional. It was de facto rather rare to see it in the truth, and it thus made a lot of Imperial players dream. Having no means to buy one, I stayed thus on the substitutes' bench too by hoping to be able to one day play one it.
And then came the time(weather) of Apocalypse and the exit(release) of the plastic model, easier to rise, and more economic, for a finish which I consider better. I thus dashed into this project at this moment there, there commencant with Baneblade.

The photo above shows it during the French Waaagh Day 15, where he(it) has to take away the 2nd price of paint. Thank you the lads! Photos this below are more recent, and there is some change as the markings and the paint of weapons.

At the level of the conversions, I added an angel, coming from a battleship BFG. The plastic antennas were replaced by the rope with guitar, more resistant. I not ais not stuck alcoves serving as observation post, to avoid highly-rated Gothic original.

I chose to equiper "Le Redoubtable" with 4 side turrets, because I wanted that it imposes it as much as possible and that it possesses most possible weapons, to represent well highly-rated sound mobile fortress.

While starting to paint the back I decided for a NMM style for all which is gilt. The advantage it is ca give highly-rated one catchy and more worked that a simple metalic. Of the blow with this photo I see that chimneys make rather pale appear in quoted. We shall see for next time..

I slightly modified reservoirs rear, because I did not like the central line of molding which is too visible. Furthermore it widens the back and gives him a more large-scale bit.

Next up will comming soon with malcador.

See you soon!

apocalypticaly yours!

Hiigara and Anselme

dimanche 30 octobre 2011

News # 10 Necron's comming

Hi all on this monday first necron wave is comming :).
The Doomsday Ark

The Ghost Ark

 Imotekh the Stormlord

Trazyn the Infinite

Necron Overlord

Necron Cryptek




Triarch Praetorians

Necron Catacomb Command Barge

Annihilation Barge

Necron Flayed One Pack

Apocalypticaly yours!


vendredi 21 octobre 2011

News # 9 Forge World Newsletter 286 and others

Forge World Newsletter 286

Land Raider Proteus 80£

The Land Raider is perhaps the most iconic of all Imperial armoured vehicles. Its distinctive silhouette is recognisable to foe and ally alike, announcing the indomitable presence of the Adeptus Astartes, the heroic and super-human Space Marines. Many patterns and designs of this honoured and ancient war machine exist across the myriad worlds of the Imperium, yet few hold the mystery of the ‘Proteus’ patterns; which are valued highly by those Space Marine Chapters who possess them.
Mechanicus tech-savants use the term Land Raider Proteus to refer to a number of different configurations, believed to be the oldest of their kind. These are fitted with numerous sophisticated augury systems and cogitator engines, in addition to the Land Raider’s principal features of being a highly durable, environmentally sealed and well-armed battle tank. Ancient and forgotten data-looms describe the Proteus as a vehicle commonly fielded in Explorator missions during the dawning days of Mankind’s fledgling galactic empire, and perhaps, therefore, the progenitor for more commonplace variants.

This full resin kit, designed by Phil Stutcinskas, is packed with some amazing details and two different hull-mounted weapon options to supplement its twin-linked sponson-mounted lascannons. The Land Raider Proteus is available to order now for immediate despatch. Experimental rules to allow this ancient armoured vehicle to take to the field of battle are available to download from the Forge World website.

Relic Contemptor 32£

It is not uncommon for those Chapters blessed enough to count the ancient and revered Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought amongst their arsenal to embellish their armoured sarcophagus with scripture, honour scrolls and additional details to commemorate the heroism and indomitable valour of the Ancient enshrined within. The Relic Contemptor Dreadnought Body, designed by Simon Egan and Will Hayes, provides the perfect painting project and will make for a fantastic centrepiece to any Space Marine force.

Released this week alongside the Dreadnought Body are two additional weapons, both designed by Will Hayes. The Contemptor Pattern Multi-melta allows this most revered Dreadnought to be armed with potent anti-tank weaponry. The Contemptor Pattern Assault Claw, a variant and more savage close combat weapon, contains parts to arm the Contemptor with either a powerful Graviton Gun or a compact and deadly Plasma Blaster.

ChapterHouse jetbike

Chapterhouse Studios has released photos of its upcoming Javelin Class Jetbike. An item meant for pre-heresy 40K armies (Well, I guess that makes them 30K). Pretty cool and only $ 14 each.

Apocalypticaly yours!


Return to Armageddon # 4 The Steel Legion part 1

After Armageddon project speaking about orks, it’s times to evoke those without whom Armageddon would have fallen, THE IMPERIUM DEFENSOR!
To fight against this first ork army of evil sunz i opt for 2 representative factions and probably a third with less importance. The most famous imperial guard regiment of Armageddon the steel legion will be treat first, for Space marines Salamanders will be treated.
The army list of steel legion is representative of this regiment, and itis made with an idea of motorized regiment.

Steel Legion army list:

Commissar Yarrick 185pts.
Lord commissar 80pts.

Command squad 62pts.
Chimera 55pts.
Infanterie unity 65pts.
Chimera 55pts.
Infanterie unity 65pts.
Chimera 55pts.

Command squad 62pts.
Chimera 55pts.
Infanterie unity 55pts.
Chimera 55pts.
Infanterie unity 55pts.
Chimera 55pts.

Hellhound 135pts.
Hellhound 135pts.
Hellhound 135pts.
Armored sentinel 55pts.
Armored sentinel 55pts.
Armored sentinel 55pts.
Armored sentinel 55pts.
Armored sentinel 55pts.
Armored sentinel 55pts.

Armageddon medusa 150pts.
Armageddon medusa 150pts.
Armageddon medusa 150pts.
Armageddon basilisk 140pts.
Armageddon basilisk 140pts.
Hydra 75pts.
Hydra 75pts.

Shadowsword 450pts.

Thunderbolt 250pts.
Thunderbolt 250pts.

Althought thunderbolts are independant of the steel Légion it's a complement of the army list, at final the army list have 4044 points (with no points about the apocalypse formation), Salamanders army list is based on 2000 points to balance with ork army list.

I have star the painting of salamander, continue in next Armageddon Project :).

Apocalypticaly your!

mercredi 19 octobre 2011

Bracket # 3 Haywiregrenade Iyanden Army upgrade

Hi all!

After the interview of  Haywiregrenade about his eldar army here , i have a picture of entire force of Haywiregrenade.
An impressive apocalypse eldar army :).

Many apocalypse formation and units.

apocalypticaly yours!


mardi 18 octobre 2011

News # 8 Necron and others

for Gw necron comming in november with a multitude of news kits. You can find here a description of army list and news special caracters:


• Imotekh the Stormlord (Lord of the Sau): The most powerful Necron Overlord currently. A master strategist whose nemesis is the Orks (since their random nature is the only thing that can accidentally disrupt his flawless plans).

• Nemesor Zahndrekh: Overlord damaged in the great sleep who still thinks he is flesh and blood fighting the war of secession against his brother Necrontyr. Therefore, he is one of the few Necron Lords who still fights with honor and valor towards his enemies. Has a bodyguard named Vargard Obryron.

• Illuminor Szeras: The Necrontyr who took the C'Tan's knowledge to do bio-transfer and actually made it a he's the chief architect within the Necrons for actually making the bio-transference happen. He is a master of technology and can augment D3 units in the army with an augmentation.

• Orikan the Diviner: A master astromancer (a Cryptek specializing in tech that can predict the future), he is renown for knowing what will happen and when. During the game he is able to achieve a 'powered up' state that gives him a greatly increases statline, but this boost can randomly end on any turn dropping him back down to his regular stats.

• Anrakyr the Traveller: A Necron Lord whose goal is to unite the Necron Empires again. He travels to Tomb Worlds still sleeping and kills the 'lesser' inhabitants that may live there unaware they are on a Tomb World, the 'price' for this service is to claim a tithe from the newly awakened legions. Some Necrons see him as a golden crusader others don't want reunification and would rather see him dead.

• Trazyn the Infinite: He is a Necron who woke very early and is fascinated with studying and collecting history. His tomb world is filled with secret trinkets including (I quote) 'a giant of a man clad in baroque power armor' (start your wild theories here!). He even will attack other Necron tomb worlds to capture artifacts from them that he doesn't think they deserve. He is the character that has the CC ability to pick one type of model he killed that round and inflict wounds on all models of that type in the combat.

• Necron Overlord: Generic DIY Necron Overlord (guy who rules a Tomb World) with plenty of options. Can ride on a Catacomb Command Barge (which is a one man transport) as can all the named 'Lords' above, but not those that are Crypteks in their fluff (Illuminor Szeras & Orikan the Diviner). Also can be a Destroyer Lord instead.

• Royal Court: 0-5 regular Necron Lords (lieutenants to the Overlords) as well as 0-5 Crypteks. Crypteks are masters of Necron technology, whose abilities sometimes appear like sorcery to other races, but they do not have any psychic powers...all their abilities do not require a psychic test or anything like that (nor are they ever referred to as psychic powers in any way). Any member of the Court (Lord or Cryptek) can be split off at the start of the game to lead a unit of Warriors, Immortals, Lychguard or Deathmarks (but only one per unit). Neither Lords nor Crypteks are ICs.


• Night Scythe: A variant of the Doom Scythe fighter that is a 15 model flyer transport with the 'supersonic' 36" flat-out move that the new flyers (that are really skimmers) have. Can carry jump infantry models (taking up 2 spots each) and fire all its weapons even when moving at cruising speed. Has living metal (chance to ignore crew shaken & stunned) but not quantum shielding (which gives +2 armor until the vehicle suffers its first glancing or penetrating hit). AV 11/11/11 like most Necron vehicles (not open-topped though).

• Ghost Ark: 10 model transport, Open-topped AV11 with quantum shielding and living metal. Also is able to regenerate D3 models to one unit within 6" each Necron movement phase (but cannot take the unit above its starting size).

• Catacomb Command Barge: One-man vehicle for most ICs. Open-topped AV11 with quantum shielding & living metal. Can make sweep attacks over 3 enemy units it passes over when it moves. Also the character can lose wounds to negate immobilized or weapon destroyed results.


• Deathmarks: 24" range rapid-fire AP 5 sniper unit that can choose to Deep Strike in immediately after any enemy unit arrives from Reserves (which just allows the enemy to fire at them first?)...teleporting in from a pocket dimension to target their prey. They can also mark a single unit as their 'target' which allows them to roll to wound on a 2+. Beautiful models from the pics leaked, but at the point cost listed I can't see them ever being used except to see those great models on the table. Can be transported on a Night Scythe.

• Lychguard: Traditionally these have been the bodyguards for the Overlords. Come standard with Warscythes (+2 Strength Power weapon) and can replace them with Hyperphase swords (power weapon) and Dispersion Shields (the thing that gives them a 4+ invuln and reflects enemy shooting). I made a mistake before. The Shields don't only reflect enemy shooting within 6", they reflect all enemy shooting, but only against enemy units who are within 6" of them (they reflect saved wounds, they don't affect blast/templates, for example). Can be transported on a Night Scythe.

• Triarch Ptaetorians: These used to be effectively the 'police' (my term) of the main Necron ruler (the last of which was the Silent King) to help enforce his will onto the Lords of the Empire. They are known to respect great warriors and honor valor and have sometimes ordered Necron Overlords to stop attacking a foe they deemed worthy of respect (much to the Lord's chagrin). They are Jump Infantry with a 6" AP2 S5 weapon. They can swap that out for Void Blades (a weapon with Rending and the same Entriopic ability that Scarabs have) and Particle Casters (a pistol weapon). No transport option.

• C'Tan Shard: Must take 2 of the 11 listed ability choices that basically shape what kind of C'Tan shard you're fielding. No ability can be taken more than once in the army (even if you take 3 C'Tan shards in the army). The statline is slightly less impressive than previous incarnations of the C'Tan, but still pretty decent. Also has Eternal Warrior and ignores all terrain penalties. Still explodes D6" when they die. Fluff-wise, these are shards effectively controlled by the Necron (even though they have most shards locked away in pocket dimensions). Each shard represents only a portion of the power and consciousness of the C'Tan and therefore in battle the C'Tan may not even think to utilize some of its power because the portion of it that knows it has 'X' power simply isn't there. This is essentially what explains why they only have access to 2 special abilities in battle.

• Flayed Ones: 3 Attacks base (and no additional CC weapons). Can infiltrate or Deep Strike. No transport options.

• Triarch Stalker: Concept Sketch shows a Triarch Praetorian sitting in an open-topped cockpit that is riding on a Necron-style giant almost scorpion walker set of legs. Very cool looking IMHO. Has a variable heat ray (which can be upgraded to a couple of other weapons) that can either be fired as a template or as an Assault 2 S8 24" Heavy2 Melta weapon. Has a Targeting relay which means that any enemy unit hit by the Stalker gets a counter placed by it that allows all other Necron units shooting at the same unit that phase to count as being twin-linked. AV11 & open-topped, but does have Quantum shielding & Living Metal.


• Warriors: You know them, you love them. Described as being basically automatons, with very little (if any) sentience. These were the non-warrior Necontyr before the bio-conversion. See my previous rumors (in the OP) for details on their points cost, etc. Can be transported on a Ghost Ark or Night Scythe.

• Immortals: Immortals are said to have the ability to at least speak, but still aren't too much brighter than Warriors. These were Elite warriors of the Necrontyr before the conversion (not sure who the rank and file troops were if the Warriors were the non-combatants and the Immortals were the Elite soldiers?). Can exchange their Gauss Blasters for Tesla Carbines (24" S5 Assault1, extra hit inflicted on a 'to hit' roll of '6') Can be transported on a Night Scythe.


• Canoptek Wraiths: Protectors of the Tombs while the hosts slumber. They have legs now? Jump Infantry who ignore terrain. 3A base with Rending. All models can take one of a few different upgrades including a Whip Coil (nearly identical to a Tyranid Lash Whip), particle caster (pistol) or a Exile Beamer (12" range that kills a random model in the target unit unless it passes a Strength test).

• Canoptek Scarabs: See the rumors copied in the OP for more details on what Scarbs do now.

• Tomb Blades: Jet Bikes. From the artwork, these look like Necron warriors fused into a flying crescent throne carrying a weapon harness in their arms that is base twin-linked Tesla Carbines. The fluff says that they are pre-programmed with a bunch of different flight patterns and vectors that the onboard Warrior chooses from on the fly. this mitigates the fact that a Warrior has poor coordination, but since the programs are so advanced, in reality they act basically like any other similar unit in an enemy army despite the fact that their 'pilots' are much slower to react. They can upgrade their weapons to a couple different choices (twin-linked Gauss Blaster or Particle Beamer). The entire unit can take any of the 3 options: Nebuloscope (increases BS to 5), Shield Vanes (increased armor save to 3+) & Shadowloom (Stealth).

• Destroyers: New fluff that says Destroyers are infected with some kind of degenerative virus that causes their sole purpose in life to be to kill their enemies. As such they hate everyone and have the Preferred Enemy special rule against everyone (as do Destroyer Lords). They are Jump Infantry now. Any model in the unit can upgrade to a Heavy Destroyer.


• Doomsday Ark: Variant of the Ghost Ark transport: Open-topped, AV11, Quantum Shielding, Living Metal. Something I forogot to say about the Ghost Ark...each Guass Flayer array (5 Flayers) on each side is allowed to fire at a different enemy target (and different from the Doomsday Cannon). Not entirely clear whether a weapon destroyed takes out a whole array or not, but I'm leaning towards yes. The Doomsday cannon has two profiles, one for if the vehicle did or didn't move that turn (with the non-moving one being 72" range S9 AP1 Large Blast). The moving profile only has a 24" range and a S7 blast. Basically described as gunboat whose strategy is to hit first and destroy the enemy before they can fire back.

• Annihilation Barge: Described as anti-infantry support platforms. Variant of the Catacomb Command Barge: Open-topped, AV11, Quantum Shielding, Living Metal. Has a twin-linked Tesla Destructor & a Tesla Cannon, but can upgrade the cannon to a Gauss Cannon. Not exactly sure why you'd want to do that except for the extra range (36" for the Gauss Cannon as opposed to all Tesla weapons which are 24" range).

• Monolith: 35 Point reduction along with corresponding nerf in invulnerability (were you not expecting that?). Still AV 14 and still has Living Metal (although again that only helps remove Crew Stunned/Shaken now). Can still Deep Strike but no longer has invulnerability from Mishaps. Has 4 Gauss Flux Arcs (which are now just Heavy 3 instead of randomly rolled). Particle whip is now just a straight up S8 AP3 24" large blast. The portal can be used to either transport any non-vehicle friendly Necron unit through it or to suck enemy models within 6" to instant death who fail a Strength Test. No bonus to reanimation protocols (the replacement for WBB) is present. Although, at the end of the day, this is still an AV14 vehicle all around, which is pretty imposing in the current game. Unfortunately all of its weapons are really close range, which means it will also now tend to be in Melta range...

• Doom Scythe: Pure fighter variant of the Night Scythe. AV11 with Living Metal (but no Quantum Shielding or open-topped). Is supersonic (36" flat-out) and can fire all its weapons when moving at cruising speed. Has a twin-linked tesla Destructor & a Death Ray, which allows a 3D6" line to be drawn (with one end of the line being within 12" of the vehicle) and causes a number of hits on every unit crossed by the line equal to the number of MODELS in the unit hit. Oh and did I mention that these hits are S10 AP1? Nasty indeed! But at nearly 200 pts for an AV11 vehicle, to get within 12" to unleash this beast will probably be a bit rough.

• Tomb Spyders: The artwork makes them look much more flying and nimble, like giant Scarabs. Can now repair vehicles like a Techmarine, Big Mek, etc. Can take an anti-psychic defense against any power targeting a friendly unit within 3" (nullified on a 4+). Can still create Scarab Swarms, but only into existing swarms on the table (they no longer form a unit with the Spyder) and it can still take damage if it rolls a '1' while doing so. Can take Whip Coils (by giving up a close combat weapon and a +1 to repair vehicles) which is like a Tyranid Lash Whip. Can take 1 or 2 Particle Beamers (by removing its CC/fixer arms) to do so. 1-3 in a unit.

In the others manufactures
on maxmini miniature

Bronze Pattern Jump Packs (5)


Set of 5 jump packs. Each jump pack consist of 3 pieces - main jump pack and 2 exhausts. Fit most 28-33mm miniatures. Require assembly. Supplied unpainted.
Sculpted by FreakForge and Hamster52.
Painted by Artur.

On puppets war a new ork buggy with full weapons option.
The set contains 6 wheels, 5 lights, 1 flamethrower, 3 armored plates for windows, barrel for flamethrower ammunition, 2 mufflers, double barreled machinegun, rocket launcher and 2 part mounting kit. Model is designed to fit 28mm tabletop wargames.


On New ork shotgun

Apocalypticaly yours!