lundi 31 octobre 2011

Tuto # 2 Make a tank company - Baneblade

Baneblade " Le Redoutable"

Credit where credit's due, I am going to begin with Baneblade, " The Redoubtable " of its nickname. Why this name? And indeed because I wanted to keep French names and because I wanted to make reference to what exists in the French army. The Redoubtable, it is the name of first nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines ( S.N.L.E). Built by France. A name quite indicated for my first super heavy tank.

Baneblade is originally the first super heavy of Forgeworld and it was de facto made mythical due to its exceptional size and due to its price, too just as much exceptional. It was de facto rather rare to see it in the truth, and it thus made a lot of Imperial players dream. Having no means to buy one, I stayed thus on the substitutes' bench too by hoping to be able to one day play one it.
And then came the time(weather) of Apocalypse and the exit(release) of the plastic model, easier to rise, and more economic, for a finish which I consider better. I thus dashed into this project at this moment there, there commencant with Baneblade.

The photo above shows it during the French Waaagh Day 15, where he(it) has to take away the 2nd price of paint. Thank you the lads! Photos this below are more recent, and there is some change as the markings and the paint of weapons.

At the level of the conversions, I added an angel, coming from a battleship BFG. The plastic antennas were replaced by the rope with guitar, more resistant. I not ais not stuck alcoves serving as observation post, to avoid highly-rated Gothic original.

I chose to equiper "Le Redoubtable" with 4 side turrets, because I wanted that it imposes it as much as possible and that it possesses most possible weapons, to represent well highly-rated sound mobile fortress.

While starting to paint the back I decided for a NMM style for all which is gilt. The advantage it is ca give highly-rated one catchy and more worked that a simple metalic. Of the blow with this photo I see that chimneys make rather pale appear in quoted. We shall see for next time..

I slightly modified reservoirs rear, because I did not like the central line of molding which is too visible. Furthermore it widens the back and gives him a more large-scale bit.

Next up will comming soon with malcador.

See you soon!

apocalypticaly yours!

Hiigara and Anselme

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